Session recording

The Session recording functionality enables you to save your visitors’ actions on your website in video format. This helps you understand their behavior on your website and identify users’ sticking points and browsing issues based on real-life situations.

How to setup and QA programmatic tags?

You have the event SR.tag() and the listener window.addEventListener('sessionRecordingActivated', () => { });

For example, we want to add a programmatic Tag “Tag”, so we add the word “Tag” inside our function, like that:

window.addEventListener('sessionRecordingActivated', () => {

You can also send multiple tags with

window.addEventListener('sessionRecordingActivated', () => {
  SR.tag('tag1', 'tag2');

To debug your tag QA, you can add the following code when the variable ABTasty is available window.ab_sr_config = { debug: true; } You will be able to see this debug in your console.

When a tag is sent you can see this kind of message