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Welcome on AB Tasty’s developers portal!

You will find here everything you need to know about AB Tasty’s latest technologies and tools, how to interact with the platform whether it is on server-side or client-side.


AB Tasty is an extendable tool to which you can connect 3rd party tool. You can also interact with it in a very simple way if ever you want to send or get data to it.

Universal Collect

Universal Collect is the name of our data collection API. That’s the API responsible for all the data tracked by the tag, but it is also an open API you can use if you want to send additional data that are not sent by the tag or that you need to send outside of a client-side application.

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Public API

Did you know you could use AB Tasty without having to log in to the platform? A big part of our tool is open so you can add users, create a campaign, update your script (and so much more) directly by API. Using this API, you could almost re-create AB Tasty on your end!

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Product Recommendation

AB Tasty goes beyond the experimentation and allows you to create simple yet powerful product recommendation widgets. Powered by all the data collected by Universal Collect, our algorithms can turn the raw collected data to activated incentives directly on your website.

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Data Explorer

Maybe you are already using Data Explorer, which is a cool and easy way to explore the data that lays in your AB Tasty datastore and directly from an interface. This feature is powered by an API, queryForm, that is also available to our customers.

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Besides APIs, AB Tasty is also full of tools you can directly use to extend the platform capability or help you managing your campaigns.

3rd party integrations

You already know it: the digital marketplace is composed of thousands of tools that let you achieve plenty of awesome things. Having all of them connected is a big plus that will help you reconciliate all of your data and better understand your visitors and business. With AB Tasty, it is simple to connect to any 3rd party, but we’ve sum up everything for you:

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Templates / Widgets

Ever played with our widgets? You can create your own in no time to unlock a new range of possibilities.

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JavaScript Library

We ask every of our users to implement a JS tag on all pages of their website to track down visitors and display the experiments. But this tag isn’t a black box. You can explorer it and use it at your own advantage whenever you feel the need. It comes with tons of useful variables and methods.

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One tool needs to know when it’s time to move on. Some features has been cut off over the past years, but you can still access their documentation if you are still using it.


You can create your very own module in the Lab porta of AB Tasty.

This documentation tells you how

Server-Side Testing API

Before Flagship landed on the CRO world and took the server-side experimentation to its limit, we had a previous version of our server-side testing platform. End of support is planned on Summer 2020.

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With the server-side testing came an iOS SDK.

iOS SDK documentation

Android SDK

With the server-side testing came an Android SDK.

Android SDK documentation