DMP Integration


DMPs are used by our customers to aggregate, classify & score their visitors into different segments.

Why Connecting a DMP with AB Tasty?

We are doing partnership programs with DMPs to have access to these segment information and their attributes. Thanks to the connectors, our clients can run more powerful personalizations & tests with advanced targetings based on DMP data.

Any requirements?

To make it work, we have two requirements:

DMPs deposit a file on our server.

How to send segments to AB Tasty ?

Inside the file, we should have every visitorID and the segments they belong to.


VisitorID;SEGMENT_NAME;SEGMENT_VALUE;TIMESTAMP 18120220503204442;SegmentName;SegmentValue;1546612917301


Once data is in our database, we are able to answer the 2 following requirements:

On AB Tasty’s interface

DMP Type 2 : Browser access

Group A

Group A: JS variable / datalayer / cookie

Group B

Group B: Ajax Call


Thanks to the browser informations, we get one of the two requirements:

The second requirement (recover the exhaustive list of all segments) needs another mechanism:

Group A&B